This is from last week since I didn't remember to take a pic before I cut everything up/put it in cloth bags in the fridge:


Okay, I watched those "declare yourself videos"

I promise this is the only time I'm going to get preachy about the election.  Are you registered? Some states require your registration to be postmarked by October 4.  That is this Saturday. I'm not reposting the cheesy video.  Just register.

In Massachusetts, there are three binding ballot questions this year.  This means that if the proposal is voted in at the
general election, it becomes law in 2009.

Question 1 would eliminate 40% of the state budget for towns and schools by reducing state personal income tax for 2009 and eliminate for 2010.  Where are they going to find that monr\ey? Property tax? Increased corporate taxes? Cutting schools and town public health, roads and safety programs? There is no allowance for this in the wording of the bill.

Question 2
would decriminalize possession of less than 1oz of marijuana, replacing the criminal charge with forfeiture of the marijuana and a $100 fine. Under 18 year olds have to undergo drug awareness couselling.

Under the proposed law, possessing an ounce or less of marijuana could not be grounds for state or local government entities imposing any other penalty, sanction, or disqualification, such as denying student financial aid, public housing, public financial assistance including unemployment benefits, the right to operate a motor vehicle, or the opportunity to serve as a foster or adoptive parent. The proposed law would allow local ordinances or bylaws that prohibit the public use of marijuana, and would not affect existing laws, practices, or policies concerning operating a motor vehicle or taking other actions while under the influence of marijuana, unlawful possession of prescription forms of marijuana, or selling, manufacturing, or trafficking in marijuana.

Question 3
outlaws dog racing.  Boo hoo. 

I'm not telling you how to vote, I'm not even asking you to vote. Most of you don't even live in my state,  But even if you don't care about who becomes president, or who represents you in Congress, even if you live in a state that always carries democrat or always carries republican, and you think that there's no point in voting anyway, even if you're so disgusted with this campaign that you leave your ballot blank,

Find out what your questions are, find out if there is anything on your ballot that you really do need to speak up about. 


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The Fabric Place, my favorite fabric and yarn store, is closing and everything is 20-50% off.  The checkout guy said that there'd be steeper markdowns starting in October, and that the target close date in sometime in November. 

So I'm sad, but I also figured I'd let everyone local know to go snatch up some supplies before they're all gone.


I heart radiolab.

Go to and play the latest episode, "So-called life."

So around minute 6 of the show, there's this woman who needs an immediate kidney transplant. This is not important. What is important is that the doctor's did a DNA test on her sons, and found out that they didn't match her DNA, ie, she's not their mother. But...the father was identified as their real father.

Turns out she's a chimera, she was a set of twins who fused together. She is both twins, two people. They didn't blend, but instead, claimed different organs. Her blood has one set of DNA and some of her other organs have a SEPARATE set of DNA. The non-blood "person" is the mother of the sons.

The doctor asks her "Do you feel like you have two souls?"

I love what this does to "life begins at conception" arguments.